What is King Arthur Special Spring Patent Flour?

King Arthur Special Spring Patent FlourMany of our loyal customers notice that we exclusively use King Arthur Special Spring Patent (KA SSP) Flour for our breads. It’s a trusted product in the baking world. As a small artisan bakery with ingredient conscious customers and clients, we strive to choose high quality, great tasting ingredients.

KA SSP flour is high in protein at 12.7%. The high protein contain exists because the flour is milled from the core of a hard wheat kernel. That high protein content is easy to note in our breads. A high protein content allows us to create heartier bread. Our products feel fuller and denser than supermarket bread. This flour is a “short patent” flour. Short patent flour is highly recommended to be used in bread making. As noted in King Arthur’s website, the flour is also particularly versatile, and that’s why it’s able to be used in a variety of the baked goods we create. We use it in our hearth baked baguettes to our signature challah rolls. We strive to be creative with our breads every season and KA SSP gives us that freedom. The best way to be creative is to find different ingredients we can use in our breads and pastries. The flour’s 12.7% protein strength lets us use beets, seeds, and various other ingredients.

The protein also is an indication of the quantity of gluten in the flour. A higher gluten rating is necessary in making yeast-raised products. KA SSP also has a good ash content at .50. Ash is a flour’s mineral content. A higher ash count means that there is more mineral in the flour. A lower ash rating points to a purer flour form.

I hope this blog post helps you understand a specific part in our process of making delicious bread. In the coming weeks I will blog about various other ingredients and mechanisms we use to create our breads and pastries. Thank you for reading!

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